How to Maintain Cleanliness and Care for Your Baby's Umbilical Cord

Umbilical or umbilical cord is usually cut immediately after the baby is born. After that, the cleanliness of the navel needs to be maintained so that your Little avoid infection. What steps need to be taken to clean and care for the remaining baby's umbilical cord? What signs need to be watched for for an infection? Check out the following explanation. During being in the stomach of the mother, the little one gets food intake and oxygen through the placenta or the placenta attached to the wall in the mother's uterus. By the umbilical cord, the placenta is connected to the body of the Little One. After Little is born, the umbilical cord and its umbilical cord are no longer needed and eventually cut. The cutting process leaves 2-3 cm of rope remaining attached to the baby's navel. Usually the rest of the umbilical cord will dry out gradually and dislodged by itself 1-2 weeks later. But before the umbilical cord comes off, the skin around the navel needs to be kept clean
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